Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day One

Last night my husband and I adopted little Mia, a black lab mix puppy who was rescued by the Critter Cavalry based in Tennessee. The Rescue is run by Candace Simpson Giles and after talking to her the other night on the phone, I decided that after we adopted our puppy, I would help spread the word about rescue dogs. In Mia's case, she and her mother and siblings were found living under a car in rural Tennessee, completely flea-ridden and a mess. After some nurturing from Candace, the dogs recovered and were placed in foster homes. Mia was transported up to a foster home about 45 minutes away from us in Massachusetts the same day we saw her picture on www.petfinder.com and fell in love with her. Coincidence? I think not. The process moved quickly-- we called on Saturday, spoke to Candace on Sunday and then sent her our application, and Mia was ours Monday night! I'm glad they move fast, though-- as soon as one dog is adopted, it opens up space in a foster home for another dog to get out of a shelter, escape being euthanized, and wait it out until they get adopted.

We knew we would get a puppy, but Mia just sort of happened. And we couldn't be happier! She's the sweetest little thing. She's very lanky and loves to roll around with her limbs sticking out in every direction while she sleeps. She has a sense of humor, which I like, and isn't stingy with kisses. She's adventurous (it took no coaxing to get her to explore the house when we brought her home) and brave, and very curious, which we like. Last night was interesting-- she slept fine until the air conditioner's timer shut it off at 2 am! Mia woke us up by whining and yipping and only stopped when we put the cool air back on for her (high maintenance pup?). Today she's been really relaxed and sleepy, and has been napping on and off since we got up. It's really hot today (over 90), so we're both hanging out in the AC in the living room. I thought I'd be chasing her around all day, but thankfully I've been able to do work because she's been so mellow. I'm sure she's exhausted from all of her recent adventures and the heat just makes everyone more lethargic.

So, this is the beginning. In August we bought a house, got married, and adopted our first rescue dog. This blog will chronicle the adventures of having a puppy, and the joys of rescuing a dog from a shelter (and, of course, the joys of fostering those dogs). Also-- while my blog will probably focus mainly on dogs, there are lots and lots of cats, birds, and other animals in shelters that need adopting and fostering, too!

Let the puppy fun begin... :)